Back in the day (when I say this, I don’t even mean like a long time ago or anything, just think of a period of time, circa 2000s), we used to store information locally, within the internal or external drive on our computer. It’s easy to understand about data storage when you have it on your computer and only your computer.

But nowadays, you have your personal computer, your company computer, your smart phones, your tablets and the list of digital gadgets one could own is basically bottomless. Which is why local data storage is no longer ideal. Because sometimes, hard drives could be damaged and the data will be lost forever. And also because you need to have access to information via all of your gadgets. Hence, cloud storage comes into play.

Cloud storage is basically a software as a service that allows you to store your data online, on the internet, the World Wide Web or a network of connected servers (take your pick on which one you prefer as the definition of storing data online). So, when you save files into the cloud storage, you can access the data from any computer, laptop, tablet or smart phone. At this point, it’s just your choice on which gadget you’re most comfortable with.

Seems easy and convenient, right? But, the data loss issue got replaced with data privacy. Because you can make sure your data is secured if you save it locally in your computer’s hard drive. If your data and information is out there on the internet for any computer to access, it could be dangerous. The concern over privacy is definitely bigger than the worry that you might lose your data.

And, if you’re already concerned about your data privacy whilst using cloud, for sure you are going to be extra concerned when the said data involves something important like monetary information, financial and accounting for your company. And you will definitely have a lot of problem in securing your company’s finance and accounting if you’re not tech savvy. But lucky for you, Biztory is here for you to help your organise your company’s finance with their cloud accounting software. Why don’t you check them out and see how you can improve your data keeping? Do it today!



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