Get real! More than 70% of T-shirt printing business will fail!! This article is not to scared or to discourage you to start-up the T-shirt printing business.  We keep on telling you that this business is where you can get high profit with minimum cost.  But if you keep on doing the same mistake as per below, you won’t be able to stay longer in this business.  So read more and try to avoid this symptom!!!


  1. Avoiding The Power of Marketing:The same mistake that often the business owner keeps on doing is to taking marketing activity seriously.  They thought in the printing business, creativity is everything.  Once you got a great design, customer will look for your business.  YOU WRONG!! How does the customer know about the great design if you never ever show it, introduce it and promote it to your prospect? Waiting customer come into your shop and asking about your design is like waiting unicorn to visit your store.  You need a lot’s of prospect to see your design, and from this prospect some of them might become your customer.
  2. Avoiding to Make Business Plan:How do you want to build a house without a blueprint? The blueprint is the plan.  Same goes for your business! Before starting making business, you need to have a plan. In order to make a great plan, you need to ask this type of questions:
      1. 63How much you want to earn within a month from T-shirt printing business?
      2. What type of additional services you need to add in order to differentiate your shirt business with another entrepreneur who also selling shirt printing?
      3. What is the procedure for selling and buying the printed shirt?

By having these questions, you know what to do and how to do it.  The business plan is important to ensure that you are on track in this business.  The business plan is difficult to do, but if you  have it, you know how to run your business.

3.    No Consistency:

This is often done by most of business owner.  They STOP! Why?? One of the reasons is because lack of confidence.  In T-shirt printing business, the process of selling are rotating over and over again.  There will never be STOP or REST sign to success in this business.  Some of people who fail in this business is because they were too greedy! At first they want to sell printed shirt, and when they saw the cheese cake were trending in the market, they decide to change product and selling cheese cake.  We understand there are millions of business opportunities in today’s world.  But to be successful, try to stick to one 1st.  Make it happen! Why do you want to follow what’s new in trending if you can create your own product and make your product trending?

Always keep in mind that if you failed to plan-you planned to fail! T-shirt printing business is the best way to improve your creativity in design and generate higher income.

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