Facebook marketing is a great platform for all business either big and small. But  you need to be careful and avoid doing mistakes. Learn some of the things that make your Facebook Marketing unsuccessful so that you do not make the same Facebook marketing mistakes too.

Avoid Providing Too Much Unrelated Information

When you creating Facebook for your business, it is not just to invite fans to ‘like’ and ‘share’ the contents.  But it’s also a medium for you and your fans to communicated.  Avoid to provide too much information that is not related to your field business.  Its better to be more genuine and provide understandable information and create interest about your product or services to your fans.

Avoid Too Predictable

Some fan page is very easy to predict as they always post the same info over and over again.  When this happens, your fans will be bored and tend not to follow your page anymore.  Always put element of surprise in your fan page.  Avoid to post same info is a MUST.  Try to put excitement ex: games, survey or maybe simple contest  for  your fans. Try to introduce your new products or offers to the public, but in a way that they feel personally touched by the post. Ask for suggestions and comments is also a great way to make your fans wants to know more about your business.

Inactive page

Making the Facebook page and totally forgetting it will not work at all.  What happens is that as soon as your contacts realize that your business page is not active, they sniff that it is not authentic and hence not to be relied upon! This will give you the inevitable blow that you were always afraid off, and your Facebook face will just remain like a frigid poster and nothing more! Instead, encourage regular activities in the page to win reliability.



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