Heat transfer printing is one of popular method in gift printing business especially for small entrepreneurs.  This is because it required low cost to start business with high profit margin.


There are numerous benefits to heat printing.  In this article, we will briefly explain some of the reasons.

  1. Easy: Heat printing is easy to do and the learning process is not required longer time.  For instance, at DIYPrintingSupply.com, we will provide free product training for every purchase of our machine.  Take this opportunity to ask everything you need to know about heat printing machine.
  2. Practical: Heat printing can be done in a very minimum space.  Most of heat press machine is in compact sizes and they won’t need a bigger space to place them.  Heat transfer printing also allows you to combine with other decoration method to create one-of-a-kind products. heat-press-purple
  3. Affordable: Not just the start-up costs for heat transfer printing business are low, the maintenance and raw material of this business are also easy to find with a very reasonable price. At DIYPrintingSupply.com, you can get heat presses machine range in price from RM999 to RM4,xxx.
  4. Fast: Every gift product makes use heat transfer printing did not take long time to process.  Mug printing for example took less than 4minutes to become beautiful personalised photo mug. Little set-up and quick turnaround allows you to offer customers great-looking products in a short amount of time.  That’s why heat printing is great for short runs, sample production, and personalisation.3.Final-Billboard-24x26
  5. Diversifications:  The beautiful about heat transfer printing is product diversifications.  By using one design, you can print it on various types of apparel, bags, mugs, puzzle, balloon, cap etc.

Heat transfer printing is now a phenomenal in gift printing business especially in personalised gift industry.

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