Do you have Facebook account?  What do you do with your FB?? Find friends, Schoolmate, or take advantages of it? Some companies have used Facebook very well for promoting their businesses. One need to know what is an effective plan which would help an organization in building rapport with their potential customers using Facebook. Below are presented few such strategies which would be helpful in promoting one’s products and services.

  1. Have as many friends as you can.  You can add your friend friends, your family friends or their friends family.  This is very important for your page to remain active.
  2. Advertisements can be placed depending on the groups joined by the users, their relationship status and various other parameters. This would help them choose an advertisement which might suit them.
  3. Many companies used Facebook not just to promote product but also as a medium to communicated with their customer.  Some company used survey to see if their product and services is known by customer. This also can measure if customer satisfy with the product or services.
  4. Advertisers create groups for promotion of their products. They invite users to join such groups. This would help different users to get a know how of their products. It is quite possible that such users turn up later for actually buying their product.
  5. Let your customers know about the various products and services that you offer. You can even create promotional events and provide various types of offers such as discount coupons.
  6. Always give opportunity for  the user to comment and give suggestion with your product or services.  80% of it might be spam, inaccurate or rubbish but still can be consider as an ideas.  Remember INNOVATION of ideas can generate better product and better income



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