Design and printing is a very enjoy activity either for personal used or for business. It’s very fun to play with your creativity when designing product for instance t-shirt.  Using heat transfer process what you need is decal/ transfer paper, you can make your own design for personalized t-shirt or other apparel. Hereby the step by step to create your personalized t-shirt:

  1. Used photo-editing software to modify or create image for your t-shirt design.
  2. Print the image on plain white printer paper to test the design. Make your final changes to the image.
  3. Insert decal/transfer paper into your printer and print.
  4. Cut around the design with scissors but ensure you leave 1/2-inch border around the design for application.
  5. Allow the iron to heat up to “Cotton,” or the hottest setting, with the steam off, position the fabric item on the work area. Centre the area where you will apply the decal design on the work area.
  6. Place the decal design facing down on the fabric and start iron the decal in circular motions with light pressure over the entire surface for approximately two minutes.
  7. Peel the decal while it is still warm for a satin finish. Allow the decal to cool down for three to five minutes for a glossy finish. Begin at the corner of the decal and peel carefully until you have removed the entire decal.

By using Heat Transfer Machine, you can get better quality outcome and much more faster compared you using manual technique.



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