Whoever we may be, and however strong we may be, our successes can be traced back to our parents who have never stopped supporting us and praying for our well-being. A mother’s love and affection will never fade, and they will always want the best for their children.

A mother is willing to do anything, whatever it takes for her children’s future even when she has to sacrifice her time and energy. She’ll do everything in her power to make sure they’re happy and healthy.

The same can be said for Puan Norli Madlan, otherwise better known as Bonda Nor. She is a loving mother to seven children, who’d do anything to see them smile and will support them no matter what.

To get a better grasp on who Bonda Nor is, her professional background includes working as a radio broadcaster in Malaysia where she discussed a lot about ‘students who aren’t able to perform well academically’.

“As parents, we need to be aware about our children’s interests. For example, if your child is interested in the modeling field, you should support their interest, help them achieve their dream by enrolling them in a modeling course,” said Puan Norli.

Don’t just base the success of your child through their academic performance, exam results or university enrolment. You should also take a look at their innate ability.

Puan Norli added, “whether you realise it or not, the successful individuals in today’s world aren’t made up of students who scored A’s in their studies. In other words, they might not have scored straight A’s yet they are gifted in different fields entirely, something that is beyond the academic achievements. For instance, the founder of Didi & Friends wasn’t a brilliant student. In fact, he even got left behind in his studies. But look at him now, the founder of a popular children’s TV show. Without realising it, the world we live in is mostly succeeded by such individuals.”

Like what Puan Norli said, a disappointing academic past does not define our success in the real world. If you were to look even further, you’d find a large number of people all over the world who managed to succeed in life despite their less than exemplary beginnings. Some even achieved fame beyond their home country.

“I realise that my son may be lacking in terms of academic performance. However, I’m confident that his interest in the field of photography will allow him to succeed. So as a mother, when I found out that my son had an interest in the photography field, I straight away looked for a suitable place for him to hone his skills,” stated Puan Norli.

This is what a parent’s love and sacrifice looks like, all in the name of their children’s future. A selfless sacrifice that expects nothing in return, only with the hope for their children’s success.

‘A mother will always want the best for her child’

“When I found that my son had an interest in the photography field, I straight away took my son to join DPAS. I want to help him develop his talent even further,” expressed Puan Norli.

DPAS aids PRINTpreneurs to succeed in the printing venture by providing them with the know-hows in terms of graphic design, marketing as well as printing machine operation. This includes helping to achieve the wishes of Puan Norli and her son. Seeing her child’s spirit and willingness to learn in our programme, we feel that her story should be made an example to others out there.

For your information, DPAS is still open for enrollment in August 2019 for the 03/2019 session.





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