From the very beginning until now, our parents have loved us unconditionally. Their care and love for us is simply immeasurable. They worked hard and sacrificed a lot in order to raise and educate us so that we become responsible individuals who have a good head on our shoulders as well as a warm heart in our chests.

In order to raise their children well, they’re willing to do absolutely anything. As the saying goes, ‘no love is greater than mom’s love and no care is greater than dad’s care’. And so as their child, it’s our responsibility to value their sacrifice and hard work by taking care of them and treating them well. 

‘No love is greater than mom’s love and no care is greater than dad’s care’

27-years-old Izwan Nazari who prefers to be called Izwan is the middle child of three siblings. He currently runs a photography, stationery, and printing business that was established by his father. Due to the large age gap between him and his siblings, Izwan offered to help his father manage the family business.

“Before I took over the family business, I worked as a debt collector at Telekom Malaysia ™. My monthly salary was RM 1,500. I did get commission but it wasn’t much,” said Izwan.

“I didn’t like staying at home with my family and I was quite rebellious. Till one day, a certain incident occurred which caused me to make a complete change of my attitude and way of life all for the sake of my parents,” he added.

The 2 years he spent working in Shah Alam taught Izwan a lot about life. From a mischievous, lazy and rebellious person, Izwan transformed himself for the better with his parents in his mind and heart.

“In 2017, I felt devastated and blamed myself for not being able to fulfill my father’s request. My father wanted to buy a motorcycle and in order to do so he wanted to use my name. However, due to my past actions and rash behavior during my youth, I wasn’t able to fulfill this simple request. He only wanted to borrow my name for the purchase and yet I couldn’t even do that,” expressed Izwan with regret.

Izwan felt that he wasn’t a good son since he wasn’t able to fulfill his father’s wish. Due to that incident, Izwan was desperate to change his ways so that he can take care of and repay his parents for all that they’ve done for him. This is the time for him to make up for his past transgressions by taking care of his parents.

Izwan added on that with his current knowledge, he’ll use it to further develop the family business. That is why he enrolled in DPAS. To learn as well as to gain knowledge about the printing business.

“Now, it’s my turn to take care of my parents. I want to repay them back for everything they’ve done for me and for what I have failed to do for them,” stated Izwan with confidence.

Indeed, DPAS has helped and supported PRINTpreneurs such as Izwan to succeed in the printing venture by providing them with the know-hows in terms of graphic design, marketing as well as printing machine operation. Due to his strong dedication to learn, we wanted to share Izwan’s story so that it may provide a good example for other budding entrepreneurs out there.

Did Izwan’s story light a fire within you? Then join our program. For your information, DPAS is still open for enrollment in August 2019 for the 03/2019 session.


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