Heat transfer printing has been in Malaysia years ago.  This type of printing is very popular among business owner especially who’s involved in the gift industry.  Heat transfer printing business keeps on growing because of several factors:

  1. Start-up business is affordable for newbie’s
  2. High profit margin
  3. No MOQ which is great for small entrepreneurs

There are many gift products you can make using heat transfer printing such as mugs, plates, textiles, several types of frames, gadget, phones etc.  Anyhow, you must know in heat transfer printing, you can categorize it into 3 sections which is sublimation printing, transfer printing and vinyl printing.


To explain further, we will use T-shirt printing as an example:

  1. Sublimation Printing:
    Normally sublimation printing is applied on fabric such as microfiber, dry fit, polyester, jersey and quick dry T-shirt.  Other than that sublimation printing also can be used for hard coated material for instance coated plates or coated mugs. In this type of printing process, you need to use sublimation ink and sublimation paper to get great results.  In sublimation process, the sublimation inks will be transferred on the fabrics using high temperature and pressure in duration of 1minutes.  Sublimation T-shirt normally will leave a permanent, vivid image with a soft-to-the-hand feel.
  2. Transfer Printing:
    Transfer printing on the other hand are using pigment inks and transfer paper in the printing process.  This type of printing is applicable on any fabric such as cotton, polyester, cap etc. in any colors.  There are 2 types of transfer paper which is dark based transfer paper and white based transfer paper. Light based transfer paper is the best use of white color garment while for dark based transfer paper, you can use it on to color garment.
  3. 07Vinyl Printing:
    While for vinyl printing, its applicable on vinyl transfer films such as Glitter, Flock, Glow in Dark, PU, Reflective and Hologram materials.  But you must know that vinyl printing is limited to one color printing only.  For vinyl printing process, you need cutting plotter to cut the digital photo that you have a design using specific software.  Once cutting down, you may remove the unwanted vinyl and proceed to heat it the design onto the fabric / shirt.

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