Looking for customised T-shirt printing service at low ordered quantity, durable printing & low printing cost?

See this formula.

Transfer paper + pigment ink + cutting plotter (Cameo) + heat press machine is your first choice.

How does it work?
1) design your artwork in Photoshop, Illustrator or whatever design software.
2) print it on ATT transfer paper with pigment ink.
3) cut it with cutting plotter (Cameo).
4) heat it with heat press machine for 15 seconds.
5) done & deliver to customer happily.

As compared to other laser printing method, the advantages of using above method are:-
1) Epson printer with CISS is lower cost. OKI (laser printing) is about RM8,xxx above.
2) For photo or colourful printing, inkjet is still the best quality.
3) Low rejection cost.
4) Easy to maintain.


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