First of all, what you need to know is about, DTG determination. DTG stands for Direct-to-Garment, and refers to a method for textile printing. Unlike other textile printing methods, such as heat transfer or dye sublimation, DTG printing process uses specialized ink in order to print directly onto the garment, using a DTG printer.

The fabric fibres soak up the ink and become part of the garment. This technology enables creating garment prints that do not crack, peel or distort in other ways.

This method has upgraded from traditional T-shirt printing as an example by using, silkscreen and heat-press.

As we know, silkscreen process a printmaking technique in which a mesh cloth is stretched over a heavy wooden frame and the design, painted on the screen by tusche or affixed by stencil, is printed by having a squeegee force colour through the pores of the material in areas not blocked out by a glue sizing.

Why DTG as alternative choice in T-shirt printing business for home-based:

No Minimums Order
cool Can print one design for a line sheet to show stores without risking lots of inventory leftover if a design is a bomb

Market Research
cool Along the lines of the above, this allows me to run design ideas by friends/customers for feedback. You can do this with Photoshop rendering too, but people like holding the item for the best review.

cool While the price-per-shirt may not be the best ultimate price (especially if you do multiple locations) find the flexibility of no minimums provides value in the long run. We can put money into new product development while still printing the necessary inventory.

On-Demand Printing
cool This is where you want to foster that relationship with your printer and make sure you treat them well. At the point where we can get a piece of apparel printed within 1-2 days of a customer ordering and have it ready to go within 3. This would never, ever happen with traditional screen printing.



At the end of the day your choice will be heavily influenced by your business model and the type of volume/prints you are selling. You’ll probably need to play around with both and see what gives you the best results.

You do need to work hard to protect your bottom line, but sometimes a slight sacrifice makes sense if it increases customer satisfaction and business “flow”wink

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