So, this might happened to you if you are a new owner of T-shirt business

1. You’ve purchased all of the necessary machines and products to create T-shirt
2. You’ve prepared all kinds of design for T-shirt you are about to create
3. All of these great preparations with no single ideas as to with whom you are going to sell your products

Do you know? By finding who and what type of customers you are dealing with, you may find that the path of a successful business is just right in front of you.  Let’s say that you don’t have the slightest idea of your target audience, it will be very hard for your business to succeed. It will be as if you are shooting blindly without the target. If you are targeting your niche audience, it will surely hit whatever you aiming to shoot at a first place.

Enough said, what are some of the questions you need to ask about your business marketing?

#1 What is niche?

Niche is your focused portion of market targeting caters to specific products. You need to bear this in mind that not everyone is going to buy your product. Therefore, it is best that you draw all your attention to a specific or targeted group that are interested in what you have to offer.

Let me give you an example: let’s say if you intend to sell the t-shirt to the group of ladies. Well, the “group of ladies” in this situation is not your niche market..yet. How so? This is because this group of ladies may not have the same needs and taste.

Group Ladies A: Like a flowery and feminine pattern
Group Ladies B: Favors a simpler pattern with no floral motive

Therefore, can you imagine if you are selling the T-shirt with a floral pattern to group B; Are they going to buy your product?

Now, do you understand what is meant by niche?

#2 How to identify my niche?

Determine your niche first before you even start designing your artwork for T-shirt. You may not discover yet your niche until you know what your clients want.

1. Study your customers

– What are their needs?
DO you know what they need? Focussing on the efforts of creating T-shirt that can suit their needs.

– Why do they buy from you?
What are the catalysts? Is it the quality, material or the price?

– How much they are willing to spend
Not all are willing to spend more than can afford of for one product but there are those who have a different opinion about it. Study your customers and find any reasonable explanation as to why the customers willing to spend more than they can bargain.

2. Identify your ready market

Do you own other business or are in touch of those with the same line of business as yours? You must already have contacts and peers in this field. You can start by trying to promote your t-shirts to those in your network and build your own brand. From there onwards, you can see how you can gather so many prospects and marketing. 

3. Be unique

Find out in what types of niche that enable you to create your own distinguished and unique brand. It is imperative for your business to be relevant in this industry. Do not just entirely focussing on the designing aspect. But try to look at different angles in terms of quality, pricing and etc. The most important part is in what way your business can improve and make yourself stand out than your competitors.

#3 How can I know that this niche is the perfect ones for my business?

Evaluate, compare and test your niche market

Alright, if you have already discovered your niche, you may need to consider a few niches to focus on. You can compare them to find out which one suits best for your business, You can also conduct a market testing in which you can start selling some of the designs for t-shirts and see which ones can attract your customers’ best.

A market niche is like a trial and error relationship. It cannot be created but it exists within the needs of the customers. You need to try which one suits you best.
Finding out your niche will ensure the success of your T-shirt business especially in terms of marketing.

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