A father; son’s first hero and daughter’s first love. Without our father, who are we? A father who is willing to do everything and sacrifice anything so that he can raise and take care of his family.

 In order to secure the future of his wife and child, he exerts a lot of effort and sacrifices his precious time. That is why we should always respect and appreciate him for all that he has done.

Encik Hafizan, a Star PRINTpreneur attended the DIY PRINTpreneur Academy School programme to learn how to do graphic design as well as to operate the necessary printing machine.

“The reason why I started a printing business is due to my daughter. My daughter works at Speedmart which causes her to often handle dirty and dusty items. So I decided to help my daughter out which is the main reason why I’m here today,” said Encik Hafizan.

He hopes that his printing business will help his daughter to secure a better future.


For the happiness and welfare of his family, he doesn’t mind working hard. That is why one should always be grateful for their father’s sacrifice. A father who cares more about his family’s well-being than his own.

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