There are many printing machines available in the market for you to choose from, you must be spoiled for choice. But as a consumer, how can you determine as to what are the criteria you are looking for in a machine and which machine should you select?

We’re giving you a few reasons as to why you should choose our printing machines from HEATranz. For those still seeking the most suitable printing machine for your start-up business, this entry should serve as a guide for you to begin with.

What is HEATranz?
HEATranz is the branding of the printing machine owned by DIY Printing Supply and is a leading brand in heat printing industry.
Branding is vital as it helps to differentiate and distinguish our machine from other available machines in the market. Through this branding, it has helped DIY Printing Supply garners attention not only in Malaysia but all over the world.

What is the key features in a machine manufactured by DIYPrintingSupply?

1) Brand
HEATranz brand is a brand solely owned by DIYPrintingSupply that acts as a manufacturer and an authorised dealer as it is an Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM).

2) Quality
The three cores in every printing machines are temperature, time and pressure. Our HEATranz gives you the best assurance through these three cores. We can assure you that we are using the best material with the best qualities that can guarantee the quality and degree of excellence of each consumer’s products. Therefore, you will not have to worry of our machines’ qualities.

3) Accessories
Our HEATranz machine has been tested for its safety and it comes with the best quality. For your information, we have hand picked every single aspect of the machinery and its tools as we are fully involved in its making from the beginning. This is done to ensure the quality of our machines. We also provide spare parts for our machines, therefore, you don’t have to worry about finding any spare tools for machines. Thus, you can operate the machine for a longer time.

4) Durability
HEATranz is equipped with safety features and great durability. It has an ergonomic design and user-friendly which allows users to operate the machine without so much hassle. Other characteristics include a sturdy feature, hydraulic spring to lighten user’s workload and it also comes in a compact feature which enables you to save space.

5) Design
HEATranz features a stunning design, with purple in colour as a luxurious signature with its own styling. It comes with extra heat protection. Thus, enable the user to work in a safe manner. An added features for our customer are in terms of design as we provide a thicker platform. Thus, allowing more stability in its design and a compact conductivity to ensure a great flow of heat conduct. This can help to reduce rejection in your product output.

Are you confidence now in selecting the perfect printing machine for your business?

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