In case you don’t know what is about, here is some introduction.

“ allows you to create your very own fashion magazine, billboard, artist painting, custom neon light text and more with hundreds of free photo filters, frames, photo collages and effects for your photos.”

So how to create your creative photo T-shirt with

Step 1: Choose a fun photo you have as below.
Wearing a cowboy hat, holding machine gun & Gong Xi Fatt Choy Boom!Photo T-shirt Printing

Step 2) Visit and choose the effect you want.
Tip: Remember to choose those with HD (high density)

Step 3)  Upload your photo & crop to the required size. I like “Two Female Fans”. hehe~

Step 4) Done. Customised Photo T-shirt

Want to know more about T-shirt printing method with heat transfer printing technology that is full colour printing, durable, no MOQ & low cost?

Or if you’re too lazy to read, then you can just get onto our site and print one for yourself. It doesn’t even matter if you’re in Turkey, you can get your personalized photo gifts sent wherever you wish, be it in Europe, Asia or the Middle East.

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