Why Button Badge Making Business is so Profitable?

One of the popular promotional gifts or door gifts in the market is customized button badges. It is simply because it is affordable (or you can it is cheap), meaningful and portable everywhere.

If you are looking for a low cost high profit business idea with a very reasonable starting price, then button badge making  is the best choice! How to make profit with
button badge making business?

BB58_Button Badge Making

Case Study: Giving away customized button badges with blood donation slogan for 200 participants in blood donation event organized by Hospital ABC.

Cost of Button Badge: RM0.40
Printing on Inkjet Paper: RM0.05
Total Cost Price: RM0.45

Suggested Market Selling Price: RM2.20

= Selling Price – Cost Price
= RM2.20 – RM0.45
RM1.75 per piece (489% profit margin)

Total Selling Price: RM2.20 X 200pcs = RM440.00
Total Cost Price: RM0.45 X 200pcs = RM90.00
Total Profit: RM440.00 – RM90.00 = RM350.00 

Time for making a button badge with button badge machine is only 25 seconds per piece. (we have customer who able to make one badge in 18 seconds)

See Youtube for the steps here:

Total time used: 25 seconds X 200pcs = 83min or 1.4hr

Interested in making RM350.00 in 1.4 hours with LOW startup cost Button Badge Making Business?

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