Another new product will be introduce at showroom,
3D Heat Press or 3D sublimation machine.   This new machine are using 3D technologies and helps you to save time and labors energy.


With amazing 3D full area heat transfer capability, you can easily apply sublimation printing on curved or multiple-surfaces products. We also have improve this machine to make your work more efficient by double work platen to sublimate phone case more than 4 in one time.

3D Objects Printable

Vacuum Film:  The magic of 3D objects sublimation printing comes from the vacuum film. When putting the printing objects under the film, the air can be exhausted by a pneumatic drive which makes the film tightly ‘attached’ to the printing substrate surfaces regardless they are curved or multiple-surfaces shaped.

Better Image Quality

Evenly Heating: Vacuumsub 3D sublimation heat press machine uses heating tubes instead of thermal wire, which can evenly apply heat on to the surfaces of the printing objects

Accurate Digital Control: Digital controlling and monitoring system lets you know the exact temperature of the 3D printing objects.


Easy Operation: There is no need to pull or push handles. Simply place the printing objects between the vacuum film and the platen, then turn on the operation buttons, pressure will generated by pneumatic drive and will be evenly transferred to the surfaces of the 3D printing objects.


Fast Printing Process: The Vacuumsub 3D sublimation heat press machine is built with dual working platens, you can prepare sublimation blanks with one platen when the other one is working, this construction saves your time when dealing with batch production.

Large Working Platen: The size of the working platen is 30 x 42cm, it allows more products to be produced for one time.

As direct importer and sole distributor of Bestsub 3D sublimation machine, we provide you FREE TRAINING & 100% WARRANTY.  So, don’t miss the chance, contact us NOW for more details on 3D sublimation machine


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