This Magic Magic or Color Changing Mug works just like a magic when you pour in hot water into the mug, the photo and message you printed on the magic mug will be slowly…slowly…revealed. Sound interesting?
See how our client print the 1,000pcs of magic mugs in just few hours with combo mug press bought in
Step 1) take out your magic mugs from the cartonmagic mug printing
Step 2) Print your artwork with sublimation ink on sublimation paper, then wrap it around magic mug & insert into combo mug press accordingly HEATranz mug press
Step 3) heat for 180sec and 350F .. tik tok.. tik tok.. tik tok.. combo mug press
Step 4) 3…2…1… Time is up. Take out the magic mug. Beware, it is hot!mug printing machine
5) It’s DONE! Waiting for the magic mug to cool down, then peel off the sublimation paper.
magic mug printing
Now, ain’t it easy?
Next, watch this video and you will be impressed and realise why magic mugs are always the best surprise gifts for your loved ones. Enjoy!



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