In gift printing business, the market segment is very wide.  But to success in long run, ensure that you know where to start and where to go.  For example if you in T-shirt printing business, corporate sector, schools, and sports teams are obvious potential markets other than personal/individual.

09062010114There are always individuals who were looking for specific gift for a friend or love ones. They can be your customer. Look around you, is there any new restaurant, bistro or shop want to open? You can approach them by proposed to design logo t-shirt for marketing purposed or for their worker’s to wear during their day job. Walk around shop lot, don’t be surprise when small shops and boutiques may be interested in selling your designs or in having you print shirts for them. There is no limit in this business.  The only limit is your imagination.

Whether you’re shopping, eating, or checking out a local band, it never hurts to ask if there’s a sales opportunity. Try to find a need and fill it, whether it’s promotional shirts for a new product launching, souvenirs from a political campaign, or perhaps a complimentary bag or shirt from your local family doctor.

Below is a list of some potential markets. Keep your eyes open and build your own list – and your business.

  •  schools
  •  school organizations (PTA, band, etc.)
  •  college organizations (fraternities/sororities, clubs, etc.)
  •  small businesses (car washes, florists, etc.)
  •  independent T-shirt stores
  •  clothing line designers
  •  doctors / dentists
  •  summer camps
  •  festivals
  •  art / craft shows
  •  auto shows
  •  trade shows / conventions
  •  churches
  •  non-profits / charities
  •  restaurants / bars
  •  car washes
  •  resorts / tourist attractions



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