A printing business is one of the best business to start with.  This is because, the market is wide and growing so that the business opportunity is very high.  Look around you, people wearing shirt can be an opportunity for you to sell printed tshirt.  Company with more than 50 workers might use ID card printed with their employee picture and employee details.  Other than that, you can also print business cards, invitation cards, calendars, hang tag or label, letterhead, bags, stickers, posters, mugs, brochures and others.

Business printing also a kind of business where not use large capital to start with.  You can start with only 1 machine and once your business growing, you can add machine to make your work easier and faster.

Main reasons why printing business is a good start for business owner:

  • Market demand for printed goods increases became bolder, with a wider variety of shapes as well
  • Printing business is very easy to run by anyone, though never formally studied in school or course graphics printing
  • The percentage of profits that can be obtained from the printing business are relatively large
  • Printed goods are always needed from time to time by anyone, from personal needs to the organization
  • Anyone can do print stuff without even having their own printing equipment
  • etc.

There is a number of printing business that you can choose for example heat transfer printing, digital printing, paper printing and etc.  Good luck!



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