A father’s responsibility is very great because fathers aren’t just tasked with providing for the family in terms of food and money, but they’re also responsible for the safety and well-being of their children and wife. As the head of the family, of course, they want the very best for their loved ones. To them, the safety of their family is not the only important thing, a good welfare is vital as well.

That is why we are obligated to honour and respect our fathers for they are the ones who work hard to ensure their children’s welfare, happiness and success. A father’s sacrifice cannot be paid with money for it is priceless.

“I chose to operate this printing business for the comfort and convenience of my children. I want my eldest child to handle the business that I worked so hard to establish,” said Encik Rozi Ithinin, a DPAS Star PRINTpreneur participant.

Encik Rozi has eight children all of whom are still in school. He feels that his current monthly salary won’t be able to sustain the cost of living for his large family. With today’s cost of living steadily rising, he wants to be able to sufficiently provide for his children. 

Encik Rozi who is a former government official has served for nearly 30 years as a former military officer as well as civil servant. Although his salary has reached up to five figures, he made the decision to quit in order to start up a printing business of his own. 

“I feel that the decision to step down from the civil service position was the best decision I made. I have also asked my eldest child to help me with my business so that in the future I can pass it on to them,” said Encik Rozi.

He, who hails from Port Dickson made the decision to move to Kota Warisan, Sepang so that he could start up his printing business there. Every decision Encik Rozi has made is based on his family’s welfare and wellbeing. He feels that his monthly salary is no longer enough to sustain his family.

Encik Rozi believes and is convinced that his printing business will become a roaring success and will also guarantee a comfortable future for his family. 

“The reason I joined DIY PRINTpreneur Academy School’s programme is to learn about the printing business. I’m confident that I can do it and that I can succeed which is why I want to learn and become an expert in this field,” stated Encik Rozi.

From here we can prove that our programme is able to help budding entrepreneurs with their printing business so that they become more successful and more knowledgeable regarding the printing venture. Our doors are always open for printing entrepreneurs who are interested in joining our DPAS programme to gain all the needed knowledge to become successful entrepreneurs.



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