What materials suitable for sublimation & transfer printing?

Sublimation Printing
Using sublimation ink & sublimation paper in heat transfer printing. Apply on polyester, micro
fibre or dryfit T-shirts. For more details, please visit T-shirt Sublimation Printing Business Package.

Transfer Printing
Using pigment ink & transfer paper in heat transfer printing. Apply on all kinds of materials including polyester & cotton. For more details, please visit T-shirt Transfer Printing Business Package.

Close Up Shot of T-shirt Printing

Sublimation Printing
The sublimation inks are transferred to the polyester fabric through high temperature & pressure in 60seconds. Sublimated T-shirts leave a permanent, vivid image with a soft-to-the-hand feel.


Transfer Printing (Light Based)
As heat is applied onto the light based transfer paper’s protective sheet. The printed coated film releases itself from the protective sheet and adheres to the fabric or T-shirt.


Transfer Printing (Dark Based)

It’s coated film has the adhesive on the back side.
Light colours which are challenging to see on dark colored surfaces, will appear as the actual color when transferred.



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