We will find many answers after using DTG machines. But for those who are just about to own it, let’s see what is the main reason you need to know the importance of DTG machines in T-shirt printing.

From the standpoint of traders, of course, those who just want to start with a low cost would think 10x to buy a DTG machine. However, maybe once you know the reasons below, it will be easy to make a decision:

Easy to use
You know, printing clothes is very easy to use DTG machine, as it does not require a high skill. For example, knowledge of design as well as manufacturing processes. What you need to know is the steps of the DTG machine itself without any add-ons.

In fact, the process does not use much manpower. Just one person for machine control. Isn’t it easy?


Although initially, the purchase for this DTG machine was relatively high. But believe, to produce clothes printing using this DTG machine, is very low. No additional material is needed except the ink contained in the DTG machine itself.

In fact, it also saves in terms of stock storage. Because the material is very simple and easy. All you need to do is just keep the size of the shirt.


A short time
The manufacturing process is also very quick. It only takes about 3 minutes to complete a design. This is an advantage that will delight customers as well.


Easy to bring anywhere
Its size is easy to carry anywhere. Small and not too heavy. Certainly make it easy for us as traders, taking them to events if needed. Even if you want to bat at home. Only a small room is needed.

Once we find out some of the reasons why DTG machines are traders’ choice. We now know the reason why shoppers love the products of DTG machines. These are:

Durable quality
The effect of the process using the ink absorption on the fabric. It makes the design more durable than other printing. The results of several previous consumer studies indicate that the colour of this print does not fade even in the first wash.


Various designs are available at affordable prices
Customers can have a variety of designs or pictures. There is no minimum quantity to meet customer demand for design. Isn’t it fun?


No need to wait long
It is related to the simple process of DTG machines. This causes the time required to be ready quickly. Customers are very excited to see the print right away. Especially if it’s something that someone wants to give to them as a last-minute memory.


Current design
Customer demand can be met according to their needs, according to the suitability of DTG machines. Various colours and patterns can be produced.


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