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Wasting time for cutting out your badge artwork as a single image per time or perhaps would like to have someone cutting whilst you are making buttons, well this button badge die cutter is what you are looking for.

- Fast cutting round shape picture
- Easy to use
- Save your time in production today
Available sizes: 75mm, 58mm, 44mm, 32mm, 25mm
Get high quality button badge machine and die cutter for business use from Malaysia one stop button badge machines, equipments, materials supplier.

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Button Badge Die Cutter (44mm) [Diameter = 54mm]

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Button Badge Die Cutter
[Heavy Duty]
[Diameter = 70mm]

Button Badge Die Cutter
[Diameter = 70mm]

Button Badge Die Cutter
[Diameter = 45mm]

Button Badge Die Cutter
[Diameter = 35mm]


Button Badge Die Cutter
(80 X 53mm)

Button Badge Round Cutter
[Diameter: 54-230mm]

Button Badge Round Cutter
[Diameter: 35-170mm]

Produk Yang Anda Lihat Baru-Baru Ini

Button Badge Die Cutter
[Diameter = 54mm]

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