Epson Surecolour F530 [24'' Width] Large Format Printer

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Epson SureColour F530
Designed for creativity, built for convenience

Meet the creative demands of your customers without the added time and cost to your business with the 24-inch Epson SC-F530 dye-sublimation printer. Built and designed to provide the user with ease of use, greater productivity and exceptional efficiency, the SC-F530 encompasses the convenient Epson Total Solutions, LFP Accounting Tool, and a printer design that requires little time to operate and maintain. Economically ideal for small businesses with a lower print volume.

  • 24-inch Dye-Sublimation Printer
  • CISS ink tank with CYMK ink
  • High-performance dye-sublimation transfer printer
  • Ideal for small-volume clothing and custom merchandise

Flexible print application
Engineered to provide flexible, short-run custom dye-sublimation prints, the Epson SureColor™ SC-F530 delivers superior print quality at high speeds with its PrecisionCore™ printhead technology and its ground-breaking original ink tank system. The 24” printer is compact and ergonomically designed, and fits well in any small office spaces.

Affordable Prints with Peace of Mind
Epson’s commitment to product quality ensures you a peace of mind. Experience swift and reliable short-run printing with a winning combination of Epson’s printhead technology, UltraChromeTM DS ink and original ink tank system. Low machine maintenance and minimal downtime means you get to maximise savings with a printer designed specifically for the purpose of dye-sublimation printing.

Consistently Vibrant Quality
Expect to produce vibrant and sharp colour images, with UltraChrome DS ink, which has excellent light and wash-fastness as well as resistance to alkaline and acid perspiration.

Epson UltraChrome DS ink contributes to a healthy work environment with its 100% nickel and fluorine-free formulation that allows for printed textile and garments to be certified safe for use for babies and toddlers up to 3 years old in accordance with OEKO-TEX® Standard 100 Class 1 criteria.

Designed for Convenience
With convenience spelled into both the printer’s standard bundled industry-leading RIP software as well as its intuitive design, you can easily manage print layouts and colours digitally as well as access all major functions and features like the ink tank system, control panel and take-up reel control.

2 Years Warranty


Printing Technology:PrecisionCore Inkjet Technology
Variable-Sized Droplet Technology
Printhead: PrecisionCore TFP PrintheadNozzle Configuration:3,200 nozzles (800 nozzles x 4 channels x 1 head)Maximum Print Resolution:2400 x 1200 dpiPrint Speed:Production (2 pass), For Fabric: Up to 62sec / 21m2 (600 x 1200 dpi)
Production (7 pass): For Fabric & Rigid: Up to 208sec / 7.5m2 (1200 x 1200 dpi)
Production (12 pass), For Fabric & Rigid: Up to 350sec / 4.5m2 (2400 x 1200 dpi)


Ink Type:Epson Genuine Dye-Sublimation InkColours:Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, BlackInk Capacity:140ml


Dimensions:Storage (W x H x D): 970mm x 245mm x 577mm
Printing (W x H x D): 970mm x 245mm x 811mmWeight:29kg

Epson SureColour F530
F530-LFP: Epson SureColour F530 [24'' Width] Large Format Printer
F530-SPINDLE: Roll Feed Spindle (24'') [for Epson SureColour F530]
F530-STAND: Stand [for Epson SureColour F530]
F530-BLADE: Auto Cutter Spare Blade [for Epson SureColour F530]
F530-BOX: Maintenance Box [for Epson SureColour F530]

Sublimation Paper Rolls (30m)
F530-R24: Sublimation Paper Roll (DS Transfer) (24'') (610mm X 30.5m) [for Epson SureColour F530]
F530-R17: Sublimation Paper Roll (DS Transfer) (17'') (432mm X 30.5m) [for Epson SureColour F530]

Sublimation Ink Bottles (140ml)
F530-C140: Sublimation Ink Bottle (Cyan) (140ml/btl) [for Epson SureColour F130/F530]
F530-M140: Sublimation Ink Bottle (Magenta) (140ml/btl) [for Epson SureColour F130/F530]
F530-Y140: Sublimation Ink Bottle (Yellow) (140ml/btl) [for Epson SureColour F130/F530]
F530-K140: Sublimation Ink Bottle (Black) (140ml/btl) [for Epson SureColour F130/F530]

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Epson SureColour F530 [24'' Width] Large Format Printer

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Roll Feed Spindle
(24'') [For Epson Surecolour F530]

RM 650

[For Epson Surecolour F530]

RM 1,600

Auto Cutter Spare Blade [For Epson Surecolour F530]

RM 620

Maintenance Box
[For Epson Surecolour F530]

RM 180

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Epson Surecolour F530
[24'' Width] Large Format Printer

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