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Self Inking Flash Stamp Seal Maker Photosensitive Seal Stamping Machine

Equipped with temperature control system, the machine enters into a dormant state automatically when reaching the critical temperature, which protects photosensitive tube and electronic components and extends the life of machine.


  • Easy to carry
  • cost saving
  • durable
  • user friendly

Technical Specifications:

Type: Flash Stamp
Material: Rubber
Use: Office
Working Size: 80mm x 50 mm
Table control Mode: Manual
Min. Shaping Character: Character 2 x 2 mm, Letter 1 x 1 mm
Exposure Speed : 3700 J
Net Weight: 8 kg
Machine Dimensions: 380 x 250 x 90 mm

Application Scope:
1. Cartoon, character, non-mainstream seals
2. Packing, teachers comment, examine seals
3. Wedding, invitation card, birthday, gift seals
4. Mark, brand, publicity seals
5. Portrait, animals pattern, lovers photos seals
6. Other DIY seals.

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