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Sublimation Photo Rock or Sublimation Photo slate is one kind of polished natural Metamorphic Rocks, specially designed for sublimation photo printing.

It is suitable for flat clamshell press machine and very easy to operate.
You personalized Photos printed on the slate with natural texture are different from the traditional photos, it is more beautiful and outstanding.

This photo rock or photo slate is perfect for decoration at home and office, and also a best gift ideas for friends & couple as well.

Size : 19 x 19cm
Weight : 1.1kg

- Natual polished Metamorphic Rocks
- Top grade sublimation coating
- Durable printing
- Individual packing with stand

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Photo Rock (Right Shed) (Matte) (19 x 19cm)

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Photo Rock
(Right Shed)
(19 X 19cm)

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