Soft Mat (38 X 30cm) (20mm)

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It is a heat resistant and high density soft mat or foam pad (30 X 38cm) is an optional item for heat press machine (30 X 38cm).

It is used when you want to print a ceramic tile.

If you print a ceramic tile without a soft mat, the ceramic tile can easily be broken or crack due to the high pressure needed for heat transfer printing.

As such, you are advisable to place a soft mat on the base of heat press machine when heating your ceramic tile to reduce the rejection. It can help in retaining more heat and reducing pressure.

This soft mat or foam pad is durable and can last for a longer time.

p/s: other items similar to ceramic tile that are easily broken during heat transfer printing are photo rock, glass clock & glass frame

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Soft Mat (38 x 30cm) (20mm)

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