Name Card Printing

Name Card Printing Business
Do you have instant name card printing enquiry from walk in customers? If yes, our name card printing business package is suitable for you to generate more income from name card printing services. You design, print it with inkjet printer, insert into name card cutter and cut it. Done!

Instant name card printing services normally have high demand in exhibition, business center, convention or any business networking activity etc.

Name Card Printing Package includes easy-to-operate name card cutter (A4) with user-friendly guideline to cut your name cards in just a second. FREE stationery,name card box etc as well as training & certificate are all included for your printing business.

Name Card Printing Package @ RM 600
Your business package includes: -

No. Product Qty
1. Name Card Cutter (A4) (90 X 54mm) 1
2. 2-Pin Power Cable 1
3. PVC Slot Puncher (Round) (3mm) 1
4. Bead Chain (Stainless Steel) (6") (100 pcs/pkt) 1
5. Name Card Box (Plastic) (50pcs/pkt) 1
6. Paper Catalogue (Inkjet + Photo + Sticker + Magnetic + 3D Film) (90 x 54mm) 1
7. UHU Glue (All Purpose Adhesive) (60ml) 1
8. Blade (Sliding) (6.5") 1
9. Scissors (6") 1
10. Ruler (Steel) (30cm) 1
11. Gift Ribbon (12mm) (Sparkling) (Silver) (10 pcs/pkt) 1
12. Phone Casing Box (170 x 105 x 20mm) (5 pcs/pkt) 1
13. Name Card Printing Training (30 minutes) 1
14. Aluminium Board (Sparkling) (White) (A4) 1
15. Wooden Backholder (A4) 1
16. Promotional Bunting for Gift Ideas (2' x 6') 1
17. Promotional Leaflet for Gift Ideas (50 sheets/pkt) 1
- Name Card Cutter is covered by warranty period of 3 months from date of purchase.

You may print your name cards onto different inkjet papers & finishing.

No. Product
1. Inkjet Paper 220g (Matte) (A4) (50 sheets/pkt)
2. Photo Paper 260g (Glossy) (A4) (20 sheets/pkt)
3. Photo Paper 260g (Silky) (A4) (20 sheets/pkt)
4. Photo Paper 260g (Satin) (A4) (20 sheets/pkt)
5. Sticker Paper 135g (Glossy) (A4) (20 sheets/pkt)
6. Sticker Paper 135g (Matte) (A4) (20 sheets/pkt)
7. Magnetic Paper 640g (Glossy) (A4) (0.3mm) (5 sheets/pkt)
8. Magnetic Paper 640g (Matte) (A4) (0.3mm) (5 sheets/pkt)
9. 3D Film Paper 120g (Glossy) (A4) (10 sheets/pkt)
10. 3D Film Paper 120g (Sparkling) (A4) (10 sheets/pkt)

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