Looking for another method of heat transfer printing? Let’s learn more about 3D sublimation printing this week.

What is meant by 3D sublimation printing?

A 3D sublimation printing is a form of printing that uses a dye sublimation which allows you to print images to a curved surface with no limitation of the colour.

This printing requires the same sublimation ink similar to heat transfer but what makes it apart from heat transfer is that it uses a 3D Vaccum sublimation machine and not heat press. In fact, it also uses special tools for the heating process depending on the materials you want to print.

How can one prints the 3D sublimation materials?

You only need to print a mirror image on the sublimation paper using a sublimation ink. The next step will be to vacuum them in the machine. More info on 3D sublimation process, check our Youtube link here. 

What are the differences of heat transfer with 3D printing in printing sublimation surface?

What do you think of 3D sublimation printing? With this kind of printing, you wouldn’t have to worry about printing on an uneven surface. ;D


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