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 Why Us?

DIY Printing Supply Sdn Bhd always welcomes entrepreneurs like you to start or expand your printing businesses with us with variety of start-up business packages. We supply all printing machineries, accessories, materials, paper & ink consumables at wholesale prices to suit your business needs. We provide you continuous technical & customer support to build sustainable long-term business relationship. 

 1.  Awarded 'Asia Pacific Top Excellence Brand'
 2.  Online Order Form & Order History Tracking
 3.  Cash & Carry and No Minimum Order Quantity
 4.  FAQ Support & Technical Know-How Enquiries
 5.  Delivery Service in West & East Malaysia, Singapore & Brunei
 6.  After-Sales & Customer Service for Product & Order Enquiries

 Tutorial Training & Technical Support

We provide comprehensive, intensive, interactive & practical tutorial training for you to kickstart your gift printing business. We technically support you through email, phone, SMS, skype, web etc.

Option 1 : Refer to User Manual or Video Tutorials online
Option 2 : Visit our showroom & make training appointment with us

You may use your own Graphic Design Software such as Adobe Illustrator & Photoshop, Corel Draw, Adobe Indesign, Adobe Flash, Art Rage, Wacom Tablets, Corel Paint, Adobe Premiere, etc to personalise & customise your printing gifts.

 Recommended Market Retail Price & List of Profit Margin

will be given with your purchase as your reference guideline to start your gift business

No. Premium Gift Material Printing Cost Price Retail Price Gross Profit
1. White Mug 4.00 0.35 4.35 27.00 22.65
2. Phone Casing 7.00 0.15 7.15 39.00 31.85
3. Dryfit Tee 13.00 1.00 14.00 45.00 31.00
4. Button Badge 0.40 0.05 0.45 8.00 7.55
5. PVC Card 0.30 0.05 0.35 8.00 7.65
6. Name Sticker 1.40 0.15 1.55 15 13.45

 Comparative Analysis between RICOH & EPSON Printer

  No.   Comparison   Ricoh GelJet Printer   Epson Inkjet Printer
  * Recommended
   1.   Printing
  4-Colour Printing
 - Cyan
 - Magenta
 - Yellow
 - Black

  6-Colour Printing
 - Cyan
 - Magenta
 - Yellow
 - Black
 - Light Cyan
 - Light Magenta


  Maximum of 3,600 X 1,200
  dot per inch

  Up to 5,760 X 1,440
  dot per inch
  5 minutes for full A4 colour
  3 minutes for full A4 colour
   28.7 cm × 20.0 cm   29.5 cm × 21.0 cm
  300 - 500 pages    800 - 1,200 pages
   6.   Printing
  SubTrans   RM 0.64 / A4
  GelTrans   RM 0.64 / A4

  Sublimation Inks RM 0.40 / A4
  Pigment Inks RM 0.30 / A4
  Dye Inks RM 0.10 / A4


  Auto Duplex Printing

  Single-Sided Printing
  at 1 Time
   8.   Ink
  Ricoh GelJet Printer &
  Gel Ink Cartridges (120 ml)
  [30 ml X 4 Cartridges] 
  * Gel-Based & Fast-Drying

  Epson Inkjet Printer & CISS
  with Ink Consumables (600ml)
  [100 ml X 6 Colours]
  * Water-Based & Slow-Drying
  * CISS = Continuous Ink
                 Supply System
   9.   Care &

  Less chance of printhead           clogging as gel pigments
  keep nozzles lubricated
  - Nozzle Check
  - Head Cleaning
  - Head Flushing
  Ensure printing every 3 days
  once to prevent printhead
  from clogging
  - Nozzle Check
  - Head Cleaning
  - Printhead Cleaning
  10.    Power
  26.8 W
  Epson T60   13 W
  Epson 1390   16 W


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Payment Enquiry

 Maybank Account

Full payment must be cleared before collection or delivery of goods.

 Account Name : DIY Printing Supply Sdn Bhd
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 Payment Method

Your delivery will be arranged on the same day or another day if full payment is received before 12.00pm.

We accept payment methods as follows: -

Maybank Online Transfer 
IBG & IBFT Interbank Transfer 
ATM Transfer
Cash Deposit Machine
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Cheque Payment

Delivery Enquiry

 Delivery Fee

Your delivery will be only arranged after full payment of invoice is received.

1. West Malaysia

 -  Minimum delivery fee is RM 10.00 subject to total delivery weight.
 -  Delivery fee is based on RM 2.00/kg for above 5 kg.
 -  Outskirt areas will be double charged.
 -  Your goods will be delivered by Skynet or TA-Q-BIN within 2 - 3 working days.
 -  Tracking number & consignment note will be SMS or emailed once your delivery is arranged.

2. East Malaysia

 -  Delivery fee is based on your delivery location & weight.
 -  Outskirt areas above radius 5km will be double charged.
 -  Your goods will be delivered by Metroport, Pos Laju or Borneo within 2- 3  working days.
 -  Tracking number & consignment note will be SMS or emailed once your delivery is arranged.

3. Singapore

 -  Minimum delivery fee is RM 165.00 subject to total delivery weight.
 -  Your goods will be delivered by Skynet within 2 - 3 working days.
 -  Tracking number & consignment note will be SMS or emailed once your delivery is arranged.


 Start-Up Packages for DIY Gift Printing Business

1. Heat Transfer Printing

Heat transfer printing is very popular choices for SME in gift printing industry because it offers low cost and high profit business.  Heat press machine can create more than 100 types of DIY gift printing product such as photo T-Shirts, photo mugs, jigsaw puzzle, photo cushion etc.  

The beauty with this business is your target market is really big.  It can be a school children who trying to get something special for their teacher on Teacher's Day, a daughter who want to show her appreciation to her mother on her birthday or event to high profile employers who want to motivate his staff on the gift giving season.  As simple as this quote "whenever there is love between us, there is always a niche market for gift printing business".
The most important point is to attract attention of your customers  is in terms of the "DESIGN UNIQUENESS" of your product.  Always bring a WOW factor in your design and keep experimenting with your design.  Just imagine, you wear a T-shirt printed with a picture, slogan, message you like.
2. Button Badge Making

One of the popular reasons why there are increasing number of business owner involve in button badge making business is because it is the simplest way to make money.  This business is very affordable (or you can it is cheap), meaningful and portable everywhere.
Why we called it money making business? Here is the reason:
  • Button badges can be used as gifts for wedding guests, birthday parties, receptions and any other reunion gathering.
  • Buttons are great for political, special interest campaigns, or fundraising
  • Button badges can also be used to promote a product, brand, event, idea, or yourself
  • Express yourself by pinning your buttons on your clothing, hat, backpack, or purse
  • And a lot more……..
3. PVC Card Printing

Basically, this business is related to making "name tag" that we often see wear by college and university students where they called them as "matric card" or "Student ID card".  Corporate sector are also using this card for staff identification and as a security purposes.  The new name for this type of card is a PVC ID card. 
The main reason why you need to involve in this business is because you have a long list of your target market.  Who is your target for this business?
Target for the DIY business (Do It Yourself) PVC ID Card are:
  • Company (Private / Government / Public / NGO)
  • Institute of Higher Education (College Private / Public, Private University / Public)
  • Primary and Secondary Schools
  • Training Institute (SDS)
  • Event Coordinator (they always need a different ID Card for different functions)
4. Name Sticker Printing

Although name sticker is not considered a necessity product but it has its own fans.  A sticker with your own name, company address and other relevant contact details are one way to look more organized and professed by others.   The usage of stickers has been very commons not just for personal uses but also for the corporate sector.  Here are some ideas you may propose your customer from this business: 
  • For identification: As mention earlier, sticker with your name and contact details shows professionalism 
  • For advertising or campaign: Using sticker to your product labeling to make it more outstanding than the competitor's product. The sticker also helps you to get  your own brand image. 
  • For fun: Collecting sticker is one of fun and interesting hobby.  Normally, children are your customer and cartoon is their favorite.
5. Cutting Plotter Package

First, let us give a little brief about Cutting Plotter.  Cutting plotter  is a machine for producing engraving on paper, Mylar, and vinyl. The same concept applies to wood carving. But then are we haven't carved in wood, we make engravings on paper, stickers, Mylar, or vinyl.
If you're an artistic kind of person, then this business is very suitable for you. This is because you can show your artistic creativity to produce unique works of art and save time. You also can generate more income with your creativity. 

 Benefits of DIY Photo Gift Printing Business

a. Start from Home-Based or Retail Shop


Not having a shop is not a big issues to start DIY photo gift printing business. Using the power of internet, you can basically start your business from home.  Start by making your own website or blog to introduced your product.  You also can try to join exhibition or trade show to attract more walk in customer and get immediate feedback from them.


b. Low Investment Capital
DIY Printing Supply SDN BHD is an ONE STOP supplier specialised in heat press machines for heat transfer printing, cutting plotters, button badge machines etc using advanced printing technology.  We provide the most affordable price to compete with others in gift market. We also provide DIY photo gift printing business package that can help you to save more in order to start your own gift printing business.
c. Easy-to-Operate Machine & Production
All of DIYPrintingSupply.com machine are user friendly and easy to operates.  Not good with technical part? Don't worry, we will provide FREE one-to-one product training for every purchase of our business package. In addition, we also will add video tutorial and user manual that will guide you further.   
d. Full-Time or Part-Time Business
People are interested to start doing business is  most probably because wanting to change  lifestyle. If you're interested to involved in business but at the same time still want to keep your day job, DIY photo gift printing is the best choice.  This business allows you to continue doing your day job and at make this business as your part time job.  This business will help you to generate more income and definitely will change your lifestyle.
e. Variety of Business Start-Up Packages 
We help you to concentrate with what you love and what you know by providing variety of start-up packages.  Share with us you want to specialized in what type of gift product and we will proposed the best business package for you.
f. High Market Demand 
Personalized gift ideas have a wider range of potential customer markets.  Your target customer can be individual purchase or in bulk order especially corporate sector, government sectors, schools, university, colleges etc.  This people will keep on looking for a gift either for special occasion such as birthday, anniversary or for business factors for instance marketing campaign.  As long as there is LOVE among us, there is always a niche market for personalized gift ideas.