Intensive Training

Save your time & cost. Kick start your business Today!
In our On-Site Training & Tutorial Workshop, you will discover

At least 100 secrets & tips

that are very important and useful in your DIY gift business.



Increase Your Profits

  • How to increase your profit margin by selling a photo mug at RM48 while the cost is only RM5?
  • How to maximize the printing quality on printed gifts to make your customer happy and come back to you again?

Increase Your Productivity

  • Which are the recommended softwares to use in photo editing and printing to make your world easier?
  • Where do I get my FREE design templates for every gift seasons such as Valentine, Christmas etc?

Save Your Cost

  • How to prolong the life of your machine & equipment to save your investment?
  • How to reduce rejection rate during printing, heating etc throughout the entire production process?

Save Your Time

  • How to order your materials or blanks easily online in ONE min and receive it in next working day?
  • How to track your order delivery status through phone, website etc?

and more secrets & tips...

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