A woman has many roles for they aren’t just tasked with taking care of their children and husband. Women undeniably have contributed towards the development of society be it in terms of education, the economy or politics.

A prime example of this is Puan Hajah Pazdilah Enda Sulaiman who has successfully created an exclusive praying shawl that is wanted by many. Her name alone might not ring any bells for you, but once you hear the words ‘Telekung Siti Khadijah’ you’ll understand how immensely popular her business is. She herself never dreamed of becoming an entrepreneur, but now her business isn’t just widely popular in Malaysia, but overseas too.

Even though she had to face a lot of challenges and obstacles, she persevered and due to that her hard work is rewarded tenfold. The same can be said for Faiza Bawumi Sayed Ahmad, the founder of Malaysia’s number one rice brand ‘Beras Faiza’ which is famously known for its quality.

So, if they can start from the bottom, why not you?

Mrs Theivayanai or Theiva from Malacca is a mother to 4 children. Theiva is a DIY PRINTpreneur Academy School (DPAS) participant for the 01/2019 batch who won the ‘Champion Star’ title due to her strong spirit to succeed and her positive outlook.

According to her, “the first video she viewed through DIYPrintingSupply.com’s Facebook piqued her interest to join DPAS so as to experience and learn how to become a successful entrepreneur.”

“Before this, I have founded my own business. However, I’m the type of person who likes to try new things. I really enjoy learning new things since I find doing the same thing over and over again tiresome and boring. If possible, I want to open up a business that’s user-friendly, just like this printing business.”

DIY gift printing is the focus of many due to its unique and customisable features that allows the business to be modified according to each person’s specific taste. Many entrepreneurs are entering the printing venture due to the enticing amount of profit and the nature of the business which enables one to get back their initial modal amount in just two to three months.

Mrs Theivani herself stated that, “the happiest thing for me is when I’m able to see first-hand my customers’ satisfaction. Their satisfaction is my happiness.”

During the interview session, Mrs Theivani told us how she bought a printing machine for her business. She also uploaded pictures taken during her graphic design and printing classes. What surprised her was that a lot of people were interested in the products displayed in her social media photos such as the mugs, t-shirts, and puzzles, even though she has yet to start her business.

The people’s interests and the potential of this business are what motivated her to start a printing business. “I’m very confident that I can go far in this industry as I’ll be able to achieve my target.”

“I’m sure that in the future, I won’t need to look for customers anymore and instead the customers will be looking for my store”.

Mrs Theivani’s strong confidence and passion can be attributed to her desire to start a successful venture in life for herself and her children.

DIY Printing Supply established its DIY PRINTpreneur Academy School (DPAS) to help those interested in the printing venture but weren’t given the opportunity to learn how to do so successfully. DPAS aids PRINTpreneurs from the beginning until they have gained the confidence and know-hows regarding the startup of a printing business.

For your information, DPAS is still open for enrollment in July 2019 for the 02/2019 session.




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