Children with special needs are exactly that, special. Although they might not be the same as the rest of the other children who are deemed by the society to be normal, they too deserve to be given the encouragement and support to learn as well as to play.


Children with special needs should be given the same amount of care, if not more, as well as they should be able to receive education tailored to their specific needs. They require more attention, support, encouragement, and help so that they don’t feel left out. They need to be loved and cared for every second of the day by their family members. 


The general public also needs to interact positively with those who are less fortunate than them such as individuals with special needs so that they don’t feel isolated. Special needs children should be educated well so that they can have a bright future ahead.


Mrs. Phillomina who is a participant of DIY PRINTpreneur Academy School (DPAS) has an interesting story to tell regarding her enrollment at DPAS. Mrs. Phillomina happens to be a teaching staff at Bethany Home, a school for special needs children.


“Bethany Home is the main center for special needs children. What led us to enroll in DPAS is the fact that we’d like to do something special for the children at Bethany Home. Everything we do is for the sake of their future,” stated Mrs. Phillomina.


Mrs. Phillomina said that oftentimes special needs children aren’t exposed to the outside world and have not been given the right type of skills for their future. The Bethany Home was established in order to help these precious special children to develop their skills and expose them to everything they need to know so that they can have the chance to stand on their own two feet when the time comes.


“We’re running this printing business so as to help the special needs children with their vocational training and activities as well as to provide funding for Bethany Home. Everything produced at Bethany Home is the result from the hard work and effort made by our special needs children,” she added.


Though they may have special needs, they have their own strengths and special skills which may not be found in other people. The work produced by them is on par and there have even been cases where they excel in the work of ordinary individuals.


Mrs. Phillomina is very grateful to DIY Printing Supply for their help in giving her the knowledge and know-hows needed to enter the printing business.


For your information, DPAS is still open for enrollment in July 2019 for the 02/2019 session.




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