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*Both the blade holder and blade compatible with graphtec CB09U CB09.
*High quality, extra long life.
*100% brand new.
*30° blades (yellow cap) for cutting large fonts and thick materials which about 1mm.
*45° blades (red cap) for cutting general fonts and vinyl film.
*60° blades (blue cap) for cutting very small font & intricate line-art logos.
#1: 5pcs 60° blades+5pcs springs
#2: 5pcs 45° blades+5pcs springs
#3: 5pcs 30° blades+5pcs springs
#4: 1pcs holder

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CB09 Blade Holder with 15 pcs Blade (including 30 / 45 / 60 Degree X 5 Blade each)

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CB09 Blade Holder With 15 Pcs Blade
(Including 30 / 45 / 60 Degree X 5 Blade Each)

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