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1. Digital weighing platform scale 300kg
2. Memorize the out-power weight
3. Stainless steel weighing platform Digital weighing platform scale 300kg
4. Measurement : 78 x 41 x19 cm

Product attributes

1. Load cell with high accuracy of 1/6000-1/15000
2. Large LED display
3. Inbuilt rechargeable battery and charger, AC/DC
4. stainless steel weighing platform
5. Keyboard calibration
6. Has the function of memorize the out-power weight, auto zero tracking, tare, accumulating
memory, low battery indication, overload protection
7. Calibration eigher by kg or lb
8. Kilogram(kg) and pound(lb) weighing modes

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Digital Weighing Machine (Max. 300kg)

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Digital Weighing Machine
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