Customer Market Based

How to Make Money in Heat Transfer Gift Printing?

Part II - Customer Market Based
Personalized gift ideas have wider range of potential customer markets:

  1. Friendship: A gift to our friends on birthday, graduation or convocation.
  2. Family: A gift to our parents on Parent Day, Family Day or Reunion Day.
  3. Love relationship: A gift to our beloved one on Valentine’s Day or wedding anniversary.
  4. Corporate: A reward gift for the most outstanding employee on the annual dinner or an appreciative gift to loyalty customers/clients.
  5. Wedding agency: A gift to the newly-married couple or during their anniversary.
  6. School: A gift to our teachers for their teaching or enlightenment on Teacher Day.
  7. Hospital: A gift to encourage and inspire patients on recovering from illnesses.
  8. Photo Lab: An additional gift idea for photo lab business owner to add value in their businesses.

Or we could say this, "As long as there is LOVE among us, there are always a niche markets for personalized gift ideas.

For example, when we are giving a birthday gift, we can print our photos and our deepest wishing from heart on a photo puzzle, and frame it with a traditional wooden frame. It is only RM99. We believe this photo puzzle not only affordable and valuable, but it will also be a very meaningful gift to the birthday person.

For corporate, it is always headache when looking some meaningful and affordable gifts for staff’s birthday. Well, with the heat transfer printing, we can print 100 pieces of mugs with 100 DIFFERENT PHOTOS on it at ONLY RM7 each. We believe this special personalized printing service will add more values to our gift business.

Photo below is our customer from Bahagian Pengurusan Sumber Manusia, Kerajaan Negeri Selangor.

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