Bestsub Cutting Plotter (HW630) (24")

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Vinyl Cutting Machine / Vinyl Cutter 630 (24'')
- Cut Sticker, Vinyl, Transfer Paper
- Precise Contour Cutting
- Automatic Registration Mark Sensor

1.max cutting width:635mm
2.max cutting speed:650mm/s
3.max cutting length:20000mm
4.cutting force:0.05mm


1. Use ARM 13 High-performance intelligent controller.

2. Exact positioning using Red Dot, with the registration mark detection to ensure accurate contour cutting.

3. Smooth operation of advanced high-speed cutting function

4. Work independently without connect to computer, high-capacity SD output interface and USB / serial port for diverse choices.

5. Strong cutting pressure, it can cut high-strength grade reflective film material

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BestSub Cutting Plotter (HW630) (24")

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Bestsub Cutting Plotter