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Part II - Souvenir & Custom Gift Printing

1. Souvenir Printing [See Business Package]

T-Shirt & Mini Tee
Pillow Cushion
Non Woven Bag
Shoulder Bag
Color Mug
Magic Mug
Sport Flask
Ceramic Plate
Ceramic Tile
Photo Rock
Glass Frame
Glass Mirror
Phone Casing
Metal & Polymer Keychain
Jigsaw Puzzle
Wooden Frame
T-Shirt sleeve

2. Button Badge Making [See Business Package]

Button Badge
Mirror Keychain
Cartoon Keychain
Fridge Magnet

3. PVC Card Printing [See Business Package]

Photo Card
Student Card
Discount Card
Member Carde

4. Name Sticker Printing [See Business Package]

Cartoon Sticker
Price Tag
QR Code
Bar Code

5. Cutting Plotter [See Business Package]

T-Shirt (Transfer Printing)
T-Shirt (Vinyl Printing)
Sticker Paper
Greeting Card

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