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Part II - Souvenir & Custom Gift Printing

1. Souvenir Printing [See Business Package]

Souvenir Printing
T-Shirt & Mini Tee T-Shirt & Mini Tee
Pillow Cushion Pillow Cushion
Non Woven Bag Non Woven Bag
Shoulder Bag Shoulder Bag
Color Mug Color Mug
Magic Mug Magic Mug
Sport Flask Sport Flask
Ceramic Plate Ceramic Plate
Ceramic Tile Ceramic Tile
Photo Rock Photo Rock
Glass Frame Glass Frame
Glass Mirror Glass Mirror
Phone Casing Phone Casing
Metal & Polymer Keychain Metal & Polymer Keychain
Jigsaw Puzzle Jigsaw Puzzle
Mousepad Mousepad
Certificate Certificate
Wooden Frame Wooden Frame
Cap Cap
T-Shirt sleeve T-Shirt sleeve

2. Button Badge Making [See Business Package]

Button Badge Making
Button Badge Button Badge
Mirror Keychain Mirror Keychain
Cartoon Keychain Cartoon Keychain
Fridge Magnet Fridge Magnet

3. PVC Card Printing [See Business Package]

PVC Card Printing
Photo Card Photo Card
Student Card Student Card
Discount Card Discount Card
Member Carde Member Carde

4. Name Sticker Printing [See Business Package]

Name Sticker Printing
Cartoon Sticker Cartoon Sticker
Price Tag Price Tag
QR Code QR Code
Bar Code Bar Code

5. Cutting Plotter [See Business Package]

Cutting Plotter
T-Shirt (Transfer Printing) T-Shirt (Transfer Printing)
T-Shirt (Vinyl Printing) T-Shirt (Vinyl Printing)
Sticker Paper Sticker Paper
Greeting Card Greeting Card

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