Gift Printing Business Concept


Start or expand your gift printing business today!

Part I - Gift Printing Business Concept
Souvenir & premium gifts can be mainly classified into 2 main categories : -

  • Personalised Gift
    • Usually imprinted with a person's own profile picture as commemorative gift
    • eg. Birthday, Wedding, Valentine's Day, Anniversary, Graduation, Thanksgiving etc.

  • Corporate Gift
    • Usually imprinted with a company's name, logo or slogan for marketing campaigns
    • eg. Company Anniversary, Trade Shows, Conferences, Promotional & Advertising Gifts, etc.

The total size of the gift market in Malaysia encompassing all these categories is estimated at approximately RM20 Billion.

From Valentines Day to Fathers Day, we offer a wide range of DIY gift printing business package for you to make money in such a profitable business now.

Let us provide the market a new DIY photo gift ideas that customised with lovely photos and messages for everyone to express their love, care, affection and attention in below special gift-giving occasions or events.


In short, a gifts with art are a gifts from heart! There is a high demand for gift-giving market in 365 days. Start your gift printing business & make money in gift printing industry NOW!

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