About DIY PRINTpreneur Academy School (DPAS)

DIY PRINTpreneur Academy School (DPAS) is a sustainable platform to assist printing entrepreneur to be more successful and glorious.

Established on 8th Feb 2019, we have started the Academy by attending with 30 pax participants and now we still gain the number by using digitalisation seminar (eSeminar). DPAS have changed leadership to under Pusat Keusahawanan PRINTpreneur (PKuP) in early 2021. As need more focus on coaching activities. 


Located in Aspira Hall, we have achieved sustainable growth and have been able to capture the attention of the masses; not only youths but also veterans who are in high spirits to learn.

Evidenced by the presence of one of the youngest participants at 16-years-old, and the 71-year-old veteran.

Therefore, we believe to be a printing entrepreneur no matter your age, degree level and of course only need the deep spirit to be PRINTpreneur.

DPAS also developed by some inspiration to focus in a field of HEATranz printing. It starts with the introduction of what HEATranz, how to use and how it can be marketed. This speciality is very important especially for those who are new to the printing business.






DPAS Seminar