Graduated from UITM Shah Alam in 2014 with a Bachelor of Printing Technology. Born in Che Siti Wan Kembang, Pasir Mas, Kelantan, and youngest son of 6 siblings.


His expertise in print & graphic arts has taken to a next level, which has been as expert trainer at more than 6 years. A great concern to the young people and always helping people out there in business, to venture into this field of printing. His extensive capability in print has also been recognized, as coaching of printing & graphic arts by the DIY PRINTpreneurAcademy School (DPAS). His specialities include Offset Printing, Heatpress Printing, Digital Printing, Silk Screen Printing, Engraving Printing.




As a Graphic Design Coach: Teaching about graphic arts and to know the layout more precisely according to printing trends, themes, information and so on. This skill most important because all of the messages that people receive through their visions, are very detailed and have endurance and highest memory to remember.




As a Printing Technical Coach: How to use the right machine with the right temperature & time to get high-quality results or less risk mistake. This skill is very important for users as it reduces costs and increases profits.