Sublimation Transfer Paper

What is Sublimation Papers & How to Know its Quality?
Sublimation paper is used with sublimation inks for heat transfer printing.

Customers sometimes overlook the sublimation paper when setting up a heat transfer system. They spent much time on researching the right heat temperature and sublimation inks for better heat transfer printing quality. The sublimation paper is often a last minute buying decision.

Also, some customers assume that this sublimation paper is actually a normal A4 we could buy outside.

Well, sublimation paper is actually playing a critical role in the final output quality of your sublimated products.

Look at the picture below. You will understand it. These are two different sublimation papers from different brands after heat transfer printing by digital mug press machine for the same time length and temperature.

What have you noticed? Still can't see the differences?
Click the picture to enlarge it.

Brand Name % Transferred on Sublimation Blanks
X Brand 50% (another 50% of inks wasted)
DIYPrintingSupply Up to 90%

Again, sublimation papers are important for an execellent heat transfer printing's output. Why? It is because the sublimation paper is the medium to transfer the inks onto the sublimation blanks.

Just imagine, if it is a poor sublimation paper, it will only transfer 50% of sublimation inks onto sublimation blanks, and you will waste another 50% of sublimation inks everytime. In long run business, this is very .... well, your inks are your money. Get it?

To save the cost of heat transfer printing, we have two types of quality sublimation papers for your heat transfer printing business:-