Glow in Dark Vinyl Transfer Film (White) (1m X 50cm)

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With the easy weed Glow In The Dark vinyl transfer film, you can now create unique, conversation-sparking apparel that will attract attention anywhere its worn.
Glow-In-The-Dark is a highly durable, WHITE polyurethane film that casts a great glow when the light is out. Ideal for decorating costumes, holiday T-shirts or any shirt that needs to stand out in the dark.
Size : 1m x 50cm
This material is opaque enough to use on all light & dark fabrics such as: Cotton, cotton-poly, polyester, spandex, lycra, wool, linen and some athletic mesh garments. Since fabric characteristics vary, test before using in production.
Use universal hook to weed your flock vinyl transfer film easily.

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Glow in Dark Vinyl Transfer Film (White) (1m x 50cm)

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