Gift Market Demands


Part I - Market Demands of Personalised Gifts

Gifts may be broadly classified into personalised gifts and corporate gifts.
The category of personalised gifts is usually divided into three subcategories:

  • Occasional Gifts: Wedding, Birthday
  • Seasonal & Commemorative Gifts: Christmas, Mother’s Day, Valentine’s Day

The total size of the gift market in Malaysia encompassing all these categories is estimated at approximately RM20 BILLION.


But, when come to gift giving, not everyone knows how to present a meaningful and valuable gift to the recipients. They always facing the typical problems as below:-

  1. "My budget is limited. I cannot afford to buy an expensive gift, how?"
  2. "This gift is nice, but it is too common and cannot show my sincerity and thoughtfulness, how?"
  3. "I prefer gifts that are more usable and practical instead of impractical gift, how?"

Thus, without wasting their time and cudgel one's brains for the gift, they will simply buy a "good" gift at expensive price, thinking that the expensive gift is always the best gift.

Well, it might be true, but most of the time, we would rather receive a gift that really show the sincerity and thoughtfulness of gift sender instead of just getting an expensive gift that does not have any meaning or value at all.

Yes, a good gift here simply means that the gift is affordable, meaningful, usable and convenient to everyone. To fulfill the criteria above, we would like to introduce our business plan - "Personalised gifts with heat transfer printing".

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