HEATranz MUG X5 (11oz)

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Digital Mug Heat Press (Europe)

The Most Efficient Mug Press

The DMHP-MPH5 5 in 1 Mug Press is a large production volume mug press intergrated with 5 individual mug heaters. These heaters can either work independently or simultaneously. You can print 5pcs of mugs in only 3-4 minutes and 70-85 pcs of mugs in an hour. With the efficient heating technologies, this machine is the best solution for people who need mass production in a limited time.

Technical Specification:

Machine Type Manual & Non Exchangeable Mug Wrap Voltage 220/110V
Press Size 11.5 cm X 23.5 cm Power 1,800 W
Temperature Range 0 ~ 799 F / 0 ~ 399 C Gross Weight 26 kg
Time Range 0 ~ 999 seconds Net Weight 23 kg
Mug Size 11 oz
Machine Dimension Length 80 cm X Width 33 cm X Height 30 cm
Warranty Terms Digital Controller (12 months)
Silicone Mug Wrap (3 months)

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HEATranz MUG X5 (11oz)

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