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The Best-Seller Heat Press

Engineered to imprint design or graphic on substrate with application of heat temperature and press pressure for a preset period of printing time. Intended for business start-ups, home-based or hobby-oriented heat transfer printing. Smooth swing away action, fashionable and easy installed screws. Improved with draw-out feature, more stable structure and easy installation, quick change heating platen board with silicone warps and mats.

Product Features:

  • Full digital temperature control and automatic digital timer
  • Solid steel welded framework with easy pressure adjustment
  • Advanced casted aluminium heating board for excellent heat conductivity
  • Aesthetic appearance with less noise, security and longer lifetime

Technical Specification:
Machine Type
Manual, Swing Away,Draw-out & LED Controller
Press Size 38 X 30cm Voltage 220/110 V
Temperature Range 0 ~ 799 F / 0 ~ 399 C Power 1,800 W
Time Range 0 ~ 999 seconds
Gross Weight
34 kg
Heating Platen Board
Exchangeable Net Weight 29 kg
Machine Dimension Length 107 x Width 41 x Height 89 cm
Warranty Terms Digital Controller & Heating Platen Board (12 months)
Silicone Mug Wrap & Silicon Plate Mat (3 months)
Silicone Wraps & Mats (Additional):

Cap press attachment

14 x 9 cm

Silicone Mug Wrap

11 oz (Standard)
6 oz (Small)
12 oz (Cone)
17 oz (Cone)

Silicone Plate Mat

8 " (Small)
10 '' (Big)

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